One response to “The Dirt: Call for Submissons on Anarchists and Popular Rebellion”

  1. Back when I was a youngster (the 1960’s & 1970’s) we used to joke about the three hermits operating out of a basement: Armed with a mimeograph machine, they produced a newsletter laid out in bold upper case fonts and heavily spiced with lefty lingo. They would emerge from the depths only to chance upon another isolationist trio in the midst of a street demonstration. A shouting match would ensue. Each group would insist that it is the indispensible genuine item. I am sorry to say that I have witnessed these kinds of outbursts on a number of occasions.

    Struggle is the critical element, not the whims and whereabouts of competing factions. Indeed, the fact that such groups are primarily at odds with each other just underscores their lack of maturity and revolutionary spirit. As for me, I try to behave as a common soldier and treat my fellow workers in the same fashion.