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To contact us or send submissions of anarchy-related news and analysis pertinent to the St. Louis area or the Midwest, email us at antistatestl at

If you want to send a submission more securely or anonymously, try using guerrilla mail (but note that we won’t be able to respond to you).

5 responses to “Contact or Send Submissions”

  1. Can someone please send me an email with contact info for an inmate who wants to tell his story and get help PLEASE…in Illinois, midwest.

  2. I can’t believe the extremely long prison sentences for these crimes of frustration and anger at a justice system that provide d no justice for Michael Brown. Thank you for providing this very important information and keep up the great work.

  3. I’m interested in trying to coordinate a benefit for folks incarcerated do to Ferguson uprisings. I’d like to coordinate with folks in several different surrounding cities so that there are four or five benefits happening the same week. I’m curious about how that money would best be distributed and if y’all have contacts in St.Louis who might want to help with this. Thanks

  4. Do you have contact with Josh Williams at all? I had some books sent via his Amazon wish list and I wanted to see if I could make sure he got them. I know the mail handling in prisons can’t always be trusted. Amazon says they were delivered March 12th so he should have them by now.