Ferguson-Related Prisoners

(Updated 9/3/17 Alex Irwin address change. 10/6/17 Josh Williams moved. 10/11/17 Steve  Martin moved)

What follows is a list of people who were arrested and imprisoned during the Ferguson rebellions.  Their charges, sentences, the particulars of their cases vary widely, as do their interpretations of the events in Ferguson and their participation or alleged participation in those events. We present the information below in hopes of linking up these prisoners with those on the outside who might be interested in writing to them or finding other ways of supporting them during their time in prison.

There is a fund to raise money for these prisoners as well as other Ferguson-related prisoners who did not want their information listed here but still deserve our support. This money will be used to send commissary to these folks during their incarceration.

Although everyone on this list has given permission for their information to be shared in this way, the presence of their information here in no way indicates that they hold any particular political viewpoint.

*Please note that some of these people are still pre-trial. If you wish to write to these folks, please see the note below. Addresses are subject to change for some of the people and there’s a potential that more people will be added to the list. If this happens, we will be sure to update the list.

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If you have any questions or comments, please email antistatestl@riseup.net

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57424f857cd0dAndrew Henry #42521-044 // USP Florence – High, P.O. BOX 7000, FLORENCE, CO 81226

Birthday March 21

Andrew Henry is serving a 6 year sentence for loot the Foot Locker in Buzz Westfall Plaza on August 10th, 2014, during the first night of riots.



aRoy Brown #01310047 // 11593 State Highway O, Mineral Point, MO 63660

Birthday: April 20

Roy Brown is accused of looting S&K’s P-X Liquor store, Dellwood Market, and the Phillips 66 at Chambers Rd. and Green Valley Dr. during the night of rioting on November 24, 2014. While awaiting trial, he is being being held in the City on unrelated charges.




Jacob Montgomery #1287870 // South Central Correctional Center, 255 West Highway 32, Licking, MO 65542

Birthday: January 17

Jacob Montgomery is accused of looting Dellwood Market during the night of rioting on November 24, 2014. While he awaits trial, he is serving a sentence in state prison on unrelated charges.



alex irwinAlexander Irwin #1318275 // ERDCC, 2727 Highway K. Bonne Terre, MO 63628 (Refer to him as “Alex” within the letter,  but be sure to write “Alexander” on the envelope)

*Please note that this person is pre-trial. Please write with care and see below for details.

Birthday: September 5th

Alexander Irwin is facing burglary charges associated with being accused of looting at the Dellwood Market during the riots in August, 2014.



Steven Martin #01141003  // Tipton Correctional Center, 619 North Osage Avenue, Tipton, MO 65081

Birthday: September 22nd

Steve Martin was sentenced to 10 years on a second degree burglary charge for the looting of a Foot Locker on the night of August 10th, 2014.


jermaine parker

Jermaine Parker #1185800 // MECC, 18701 Old Highway 66. Pacific, MO 63069

Birthday: October 15

Jermaine Parker was sentenced to 14 years for shooting a firearm out of a car in protest during the night of the November 24th in south St. Louis.





559802_452431974828937_806168931_nDakota Moss #11400-025 // FCI Manchester, PO Box 4000 Manchester, Ky. 40962

Birthday: July 17th

Dakota Moss was sentenced to 20 years for stealing guns for people to use during the non-indictment riots in November 2014.



Josh Williams #1292002 // Jefferson City Correctional Center, 8200 No More Victims, Jefferson City, MO 65101

Birthday: November 25

Josh Williams was sentenced on December 10th, 2015 to 8 years in prison for trying to burn down a Quik Trip during a demonstration in Berkeley, MO on Christmas Eve, 2014 that was held in response to the police murder of Antonio Martin.


*Some of these people are pre-trial, which means that the legal outcome of their cases can still be strongly impacted by their actions as well as by ours. Please write to these people only with the utmost care.

Do not discuss any illegal activity or ask, comment on or speculate about the particulars of their cases or about any actions they may or may not have taken to lead to the accusations against them. Please do not send these prisoners any inflammatory political material or do anything else that may draw negative attention to them.

Our letters, engagement, relationship-building, words of encouragement and care are the best way we can express our solidarity for those who are pre-trial.

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We saw ourselves among those who fought where they stood, the looters, the wild ones, the festive ones- opposite the shop-owners, cops, preachers, and activist and professional politicians who told us to calm down, go home, or pray. We recognize what went down in Ferguson was beautifully vast and can’t be codified into a historicized blurb. We’re just a small group trying to get the backs of people we connected with on the streets through a conversation, head nod, smile, or common fit of anger. We can’t forget those they took from us and from the fight; we can’t leave them isolated in the dust of the storms of yesterday.