7 responses to “Retaliation Against Hunger Strikers at Menard–Windows Blocked, Strikers Beaten”

  1. There is definitely retaliation against prisoners. The metal boxes are just one more step that Menard has taken to humiliate prisoners in their strivings to turn them into animals. My son, Joseph Tillman, was beaten again this weekend by guards. I fear that they are trying to kill my son. Rehabilitation is a non-existent term at Menard Correctional Facility. Thank you to everyone for making phone calls. My son is a person…not an animal…not a thing…not a punching bag. He is a person. Any help that you all can bring to stop the mental and physical abuse against Joseph and against other prisoners will not be forgotten.

  2. You will not be forgotten!!

  3. attending a rally in NY will put this information on posters as well as forward to other groups to write the warden in protest against the brutality from the warden and her illegal death squad- letters by eight men in Administrative Detention at the Menard Correctional Center in Illinois, dated April 12-14, 2014. The warden and her co’s are inhuman, animals!

  4. We are with you, brothers! We are watching, posting your letters, we are saying your names, and we are letting the IDOC know our eyes are upon it.
    You are not alone.

    You are citizens of this world, and you are bravely making it a better place for all of us.

  5. I will put this article on the April 24 menu of my website: http://www.v2catholic.com which has a special concern for prisoners.

    As a prison chaplain I am deeply saddened and disturbed by this article. Shame USA, shame, shame, shame. President Obama, please do something about this shameful situation.

  6. In allowing this behavior by CO’s and Administration we have sunk to a new low in our humanity. My heart breaks thinking about the plight of the prisoners but even more, for the lack of compassion and dignity of the CO’s. They live every day with the knowledge of their deeds. We, citizens, did not hire them, and do not pay them, to treat their fellow man in this fashion. They are corrupted by the system and will reap the moral rewards their actions deserve; for how can we respect them when they do not respect the prisoners rights?

    Know that we hold you in our hearts and that your safety and welfare matter to many.

  7. […] It’s easy to forget hunger strikers after a strike is suspended – easy for folks on the outside. Those inside, whether they are imprisoned or guards, do not forget. Check out the reports from Menard prison in Illinois at “Retaliation Against Hunger Strikers at Menard – Windows Blocked, Strikers Beaten“. […]