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  1. […] An Eye For An Eye Makes Our Masters Blind, Let Us Not Become Police, Let Us Not Become Sheep and Ferguson Over One Week In are all pretty much essential […]

  2. […] St. Louis anti-statist article “The situation in Ferguson is scary. It’s easy to understand why some, especially those who live near the activity, want a return to normal: bullets, tear gas, sound cannons, check points, fire. But despite all this, there are a sizable number of us who don’t want a return to normal. We descend on West Florissant day and night to figure out how to avoid it. To us, the struggle is not limited to justice for Mike Brown and the conviction of a single cop of murder in a court of law. We are doing this for ourselves, our friends and family, as well as Mike Brown. We’ve already found this system guilty – the racism, the class structure, the government, the police. When the “peace” you are continuously urged to return to looks like powerlessness, humiliation, poverty, boredom, and violence, it shouldn’t be a surprise many choose to fight. And to witness the ferocity with which some of us fight, it’s almost as if we’ve been waiting for this moment our entire lives. Two nights ago people took a run at the police command post forcing the authorities to call in the National Guard. Previously this would have been unthinkable, but then again just two weeks ago this whole thing would have been unthinkable. And so we raise a shot of looted gin – A TOAST! May we continue to surprise each other.” […]

  3. Just thought I’d put a link to this page on my site, which includes eyewitness accounts not found elsehwere, and a discussion partly babout the Black Panthers, and other stuff:

    Ferguson fighting fear with fire : a compilation. Click here: http://dialectical-delinquents.com/?page_id=6793

  4. […] who are attempting to silence the legitimately agitated residents. One report-back from Ferguson, written by Anti-State STL, describes the fracture that has recently taken place within the […]

  5. […] Source: Anti-State STL […]

  6. Fucking great. Victory to the rioters. All power to the looters.