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  1. PS: Don’t talk to the FBI.

  2. When Alfred Hitchcock was a little boy, a constable came to his house, and without saying a word took him by the hand, walked him to the police station and shut him a cell. When he finished locking the door the officer simply said, “This is what happens to little boys who misbehave.” The young Hitchcock was terrified.
    Hitchcock didn’t know it at the time, but his father had paid the constable to do this (in response to no particular thing the boy had done). It forever left the imprint in his mind, though, that police were both clueless, and unnecessarily brutal; that anyone at anytime could be falsely accused and left at the incompetent mercy of the police.
    Because of this Hitchcock’s protagonists often find themselves mistaken for other people and forced to deal with the terrible consequences, *and* police in his films are always portrayed as laughable, clueless idiots or robotic, brutes. Because of Hitchcock’s profound contribution to the development of cinema (and so many viewers own experiences affirming these archetypes ), police are almost across the board portrayed in film as jokes or fascists.

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  7. Do not, ever, ever, talk to the FBI.

    If they are at the door tell them, “I cannot answer any questions without my attorney present, please leave your card and (s)he will set up an appointment. At that point they will probably leave and not come back.

    DO NOT get in a car with them. Lying is a felony, even in casual conversation. When you lie to the FBI they own you and you’ll be working for them, or in jail. Don’t do it. Don’t talk.

  8. Another article disgusting the most recent wave of FBI entrapment and repression:

  9. Lying to the FBI is a felony. Not answering the questions of any law enforcement officer is a right.


    It’s clear from how stupid and straightforward this interaction seems to have been that the FBI is FISHING for anything. The most important things to keep in mind:

    1. The FBI is clueless. The only reason they’re asking you anything is that don’t have anything. Never answer any of their questions. They wouldn’t ask if they didn’t know.
    2. If the FBI comes to your door, unless they have a warrant you don’t have to answer the door. The FBI like all other law enforcement agencies, will lie say it’s illegal for this reason and that reason not to come with them and answer their questions, but you should just say, “I have nothing to say to you without a lawyer present,” and close the door.
    3. As terrifying / startling as this might have been, others should take note that the person didn’t say anything, and after a while was released.

    If anything does happen to you and you remain silent, they’re a whole community to support you.

    Good job to whoever had to deal with this bullshit and knew how to stand their ground.