No responses to “Chicago Solidarity Demonstration In St. Louis Ends With Arrests After Police Scuffle”

  1. I don’t know if you’re referring to the solidarity picture, or if you actually mean an advertisement, but yeah, depending on what browser you’re using they’re sometimes an ad at the bottom, which sucks but I don’t think people have money to spend on a blog, so that’s that.

  2. Love the advertisement at the bottom of the article. Are you sticking it to the man or giving it to the man?

  3. love for comrades busted that night(and any other time);pure cold hate for pigs and snitches.
    What else can you say….

  4. SOLIDARY brothers and sisters of the 99%

  5. It’s still unbelievable that things ended the way they did. I suppose that’s naive, but really, what the fuck was that?!?! Much love to everyone. We won’t be silenced in this way.

  6. As someone who was very close to the front lines in Chicago, thank you to our St. Louis comrades! Solidarity!