No responses to “Site of Police Violence and Home of Mayor’s Aide Vandalized”

  1. Hah, I wrote that originally.

  2. There’s a theory going around that the cops actually tagged the park themselves to detract attention from their brutality. Also, three people had injuries that required hospitalization.

  3. ‎”This talk about the graffiti in the park is ridiculous. Who gives a shit, the city already said they can clean it, which is beside the point. It’s being used as a cover for the unjustified assault Thursday night. It’s just another way for the media to distract people from the real issues. Forget the damn tagging and look at what the STLPD are doing! They brutally beat several people and have been following and intemidating several people who were involved. No one should be made to feel scared or intemidated by those who are alledgedly here to protect and serve them. We need to be showing support and solidarity to each other in this time, not complaining about tagging and public image. People matter more than property, move past this bullshit!”

  4. Someone on Occupy St. Louis facebook is saying “The police substation in Gravois Park was also tagged.”

    It also seems as if the police substation/ 6th Ward offices also received some graffiti:!/LesGreen3/status/182098969621577728

  5. truth.

  6. Awww, Eddie Roth suddenly cares about the welfare of Occupy. Nice try. And fuck the mainstream media for covering this and not brutal violence by the pigs.