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  1. one thing that has cropped up episodiclly,especially after the N17action at the municipal courts building(which incidentlly was in mine and almost all I have come in contact opinions, excepting certain self appointed leaders of occupation,was by far the best and most FUN thing that has occurred in relation to movement thus far) in any case there is a concerted effort to red bait -libel anarchists and radical anti capitalists as” outside agitators”intent on hijacking the occupy movement for some nefarious end. needless to say this is not entirely unlike the thinking and behaivour of those with a cop like/snitch mindset. I believe this move has to be identified and struggled against whenever it crops up.I know from reading about other occupations(Philly,Oakland,etc.) that this kind of creepy snitchy bullshit is hardly unique to st Louis, but I encourage anti-state/anti-capitalists to show up for discussions and especially G.A’s to counter the self appointed gate keepers of correct and proper conduct for the occupation movement.(the main person that I’m aware of pushing this line is the same individual named in the posting above who had the private audience with the legislator)

  2. One of the more thoughtful reflections on the day to day activities of Occupy#. Got no real comment, but a few questions come to mind:
    How have people in the occupy STL responded to the above reflections of yours?
    What’s the machinists strike about? Are they themselves trying to make connections outside of their picket line?
    Did you get to meet any social workers who signed in sick, and if so, what was their take on the whole Occupy# thing?
    Given that winter’s coming up, I imagine there are preparations to occupy empty buildings (which would save the lives of some of the homeless, I guess) if the momentum of this movement is to be kept up, and the ruling society is to be prevented from having a breathing space in which to prepare better for the next phase of struggles – do you know if this is being suggested round the country (it’s been suggested in parts of the UK)? Given the “No future” the vast majority of schoolkids face, such occupations could be a base for going round to schools and getting teenagers to come back for concerts and discussions and a genuine education. I’ve sometimes suggested – in the late 1990s,when i lived in London – to meetings to occupy a building as a place to discuss stuff and to use as a base to critique this, that and the other aspects of society (eg go round pubs with a text criticising the miserable developments of pubs, schools with a critique of miseducation, workplaces with a critique of the misery of work, etc.) but only got blank faces from the people in the meetings. Perhaps at that time it was too voluntarist, but now, with a social movement contesting things, it’s something that could be developed, no?

    Anyway –

    all the best with the attempts to move this movement further –

    Sam Samotnaf Fantomas