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  1. It’s pretty clear that the police are simply taking an opportunity they see to divide the occupation. They threaten the occupation with the hopes of having the occupation turn against it’s rowdiest elements. We should not give up our autonomy and agency, but perhaps instead of marches leaving from and returning to the occupation we could keep enough space between things to show that we wish to stay united with those who wish to participate in different ways and still be effective. Part of me feels like, “Oh, fuck that, they’re just wringing their hands in worry”, but the other part of me feels that we will not be able to continue escalating this thing if we let it get divided by the cops into “Bad Protestor, Good Protestor”.

    Using the occupation as a rallying point and a place to do work as a group, but if we are agitating with rowdier action we keep some space between it and the occupation. Marches starting from other places in the city and dispersing before heading back to the camp.

    As much as I’d like to, we shouldn’t really tell the occupiers that aren’t happy with our tactics to fuck off, but we shouldn’t allow the threats by the cops to pacify us and the other occupiers.

    Have there been any discussions with those who wish to push the “Anarchists” out after friday night? I saw this item on the agenda over the weekend.

    “5 PM Action Guidelines Discussion: Discussion about possible parameters around spontaneous marches and action”

    Any report on what was discussed here?