No responses to “Last Night Was Awesome – some thoughts on why”

  1. There are a few simply things we could do that would help stave off the popo disease for just a bit longer. I am by no means asking someone to drop any of their freedoms for the cops but last night on the march they kept asking us to stay on the other side of the yellow line and they can easily use this to stop protesters dead in their tracks by simply saying reckless behavior and obstructing oncoming traffic not only landing someone lost time but more potential bad media spin. Also being polite and thanking the police officers for helping to ensure the protest was safe for everyone.
    We have to continue to let the wanna be leaders know that they are not going to be a leader because they are no leaders but everyone is a safety member and should look out for the health of their fellow humans and even go out of your way to help ensure that everyone is doing OK and staying safe. As well as trash and recycling more individuals could assist with that so we don’t attract bugs are people flagging us as nasty. If you have strong leadership potentially start working on your plan others will follow you don’t have to rally people when they already want to do something prolly similar, no matter how daunting the task

  2. “Temperature check” is something you can call out (once people know about it) to gauge support for a decision or movement. In response, people who approve should raise their hands and wiggle their fingers (like jazz hands, sometimes called twinkling) and people can get a sense of how much support an idea has very quickly.