Robert is Getting Out! Help Him Get Back on His Feet!

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Help us help Robert Stephenson get back on his feet after spending time in prison for his support and action during the Ferguson Rebellion. As anyone knows who has ever been to prison, it can be hard to get back on your feet without a little help. Especially with a felony conviction.  Robert, along with his loving wife Chanel, and their son need a little bit of your help!

For the last two and half years, the Ferguson Court and Prisoner Support group has been writing and fundraising for all those who have been locked up in the aftermath of the Ferguson Uprising in 2014. It has been a rewarding experience for all those involved. Money has been put on folks books.¬†Letters, zines, books have been sent and friendships have been formed! And most importantly, people who would normally be forgotten because they might not have the same activist or social networks as a normal political prisoner might have aren’t so much.

There were many folks who felt the need to be in the streets, not because of the calls of an organization but rather from the depths of their own hearts and struggles in their daily life. The State and other authorities are scared of this and one of the methods is vilification and incarceration, which is meant to isolate rebels on the outside of prison walls from those on the inside. There were many who made up the uprising and those who got locked up especially shouldn’t be forgotten. If they are, then what was the point of it all?

Let’s support Robert and his family! Please share widely.